Group History

HWRG Founder - David Turner

The Humber Wader Ringing Group was formally established in 2003 having made some trial catches during the winter of 2002/03. Under the leadership of David Turner HWRG had discussions with the Environment Agency, English Nature, RSPB and IECS to develop a strategic approach to wader ringing on the estuary with the aim of improving our understanding of how and why waders are using the Humber estuary.

Subsequently HWRG has continued toring a wide range of wader species at a number of sites on both the north and south banks of the Humber. To date a total of xxxx birds of xx species have been ringed.

In addition to mist netting, HWRG has developed a safer version of the traditional black powder cannon net that works using compressed air. Part funded by a donation from this netting technique has become known as a 'phut net'.

Information and data provided by the Group contributes to the overall monitoring of the estuary particularly with relevance to key environmental and industrial/ commercial developments. This will mean that decisions relating to the Humber in the future can be taken with the aid of this factual information.