Redshank is an Amber listed species of conservation concern in the UK but is of least concern on a European and global scale. Two subspecies are recorded in the UK in winter, totanus breeds and occurs as a migrant with winter populations supplemented by the continental subspecies robusta.

Common Redshank Tringa totanus

Redshank breeding in the UK are viewed as an intermediate form between totanus and robusta; the majority of British breeders over-winter in the UK. This species has been the main focus the HWRG to date, and will continue to be an important target species.

Redshank are widely distributed across the estuary and frequently caught in saltmarsh pools at night. The species has produced many recoveries and re-sightings over the years. The current colour ringing scheme which allows for identification of individuals is giving excellent results, with many birds re-sighted on the breeding grounds in Iceland and on the wintering grounds in the Wadden Sea. The HWRG and the BTO have also successfully GPS tagged Redshank in late winter 2016 on the Humber Estuary to examine nocturnal movements.